Sunday, March 11, 2012

How Do You Treat Whiplash?

Whiplash is a colloquial term that refers to neck pain that is caused by injuries and, most often, car accidents. These accidents cause the head to be jerked very suddenly and through a longer range than it usually is accustomed to that tissues, ligaments and muscles in the neck are taken by painful surprise. If you have gotten into an accident such as those that commonly cause whiplash and you experience pain, swelling around the neck, headache and muscle spasms, you may want to consider going to the doctor immediately.

But even at home, you can do some easy treatments to at least alleviate the pain until you get the chance to see a doctor. Use ice packs or moist heated towels every 20 minutes around the swelling or painful area. You need to do this exactly when you feel the pain. Medications are also suggested like pain relievers. Ibuprofen is a popular medicine for pain; you can try it but make sure you never overdose. Also, keep in mind that it would not heal the injured ligaments inside. The medicine would make the pain go away only temporarily. You should also refrain from moving your head and neck for several times to avoid putting pressure on the stressed ligaments and muscles.

However, if your condition is already chronic, meaning you have been enduring the symptoms for several months already, then you may seek a stronger prescription from your physician. You may also want to consider therapy and counseling if the accident that has caused your whiplash is really grave.

In the end, after you have had several medications and therapies, what really matters is how you carry yourself. Posture will always make the treatments stick, so be sure to always sit and stand properly. When you perform activities that require sitting (using the computer, studying, etc.) and standing (doing household chores), be sure that you observe proper posture so that you do not further stress out the muscles in your back and neck.

Whiplash is a condition that should not last long if treated properly. When you get into an accident, do the home treatments immediately to avoid the injury from becoming more severe. But it would be best if you go the doctor, if possible, the following day. You can order X-rays to be sure you have no fracture around the neck or broken ligaments in it. To know more about whiplash ask your trusted osteopath and find the right solution.

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