Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Top 10 Best Foods to Have in Your Diet

In order to be healthy you have to live a healthy lifestyle, and that starts with what you put into your body. If you want to avoid taking toxic pharmeuctical drugs there's no better time than to start now. Following is a list of foods that will really kick start your health and prevent health issues - foods that give you value.

Unpasteurized (raw) grass-fed milk - when milk is raw and organic it is highly nutritious, it contains beneficial fats and bacteria that boosts your immune system, along with vitamins, minerals and enzymes, get it from your local farmer or contact the 'campaign for real milk' in the UK to find your local farmer.

Whey protein - is a protein derived from milk, get a high quality one that is from the milk of grass-fed cows to get the health benefits. Whey protein is good for your immune system and your detoxification process because it contains beta-glucans and immunoglobulins.

Free-range organic eggs - are the best source for high-quality nutrients especially in protein and fat, eaten raw is even better as the nutrients are in a pure form and they don't alter through the heat of cooking.

Fermented foods - they balance your inner ecosystem and strengthen your immunity, these foods include, kefir, natto, kimchee, miso, tempeh, pickles, sauerkraut, and olives.

Grass-fed organic beef - is high in vitamin A, B12 and E, omega-3 fats, beta carotene, zinc and CLA (a fatty acid that is a powerful immune system enhancer). Be aware that even though it says organic it doesn't mean it is grass-fed, it could be fed on grains, which you don't want, grass-fed cattle are mostly raised organically.

Coconut oil - excellent for your metabolism and your thyroid, it is rich in lauric acid, this gets converted in your body into monolaurin - which is also found in breast milk and strengthens the baby's immune system. It also contains MCT's (medium chain triglycerides) which raise your metabolism and fight off viruses, bacteria and fungi. This oil has to be organic.

Berries - especially blueberries and raspberries are very high in antioxidants and are the lowest in fructose (a Sugar) than any other fruit. Antioxidants keep you young.

Broccoli - has the highest amounts of isothiocyanates which is a cancer fighting compound, research shows 5 servings a week make a massive difference to your health.

Chlorella - is an algae that is a detoxifier that binds to toxins and carries it out of your system. The chlorophyll in the chlorella helps you process more oxygen, cleanse your blood and promote the growth and repair of your tissues.

Tea - and I mean herbal tea, green tea such as matcha and is full of antioxidants in fact 17 the times of wild blueberries, these help with immune function and heart health.


  1. "Fermented foods - they balance your inner ecosystem and strengthen your immunity, these foods include, kefir, natto, kimchee, miso, tempeh, pickles, sauerkraut, and olives."

    - Wow, that's a lot benefits from fermented foods. By the way, do you have the process in fermenting foods?

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