Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Benefits Of Having Good Flexibility As We Age

As we age there are many changes that happen to our bodies we become a little short sited, less agile, a little hard of hearing, we don't heal or recover as quickly as we previously did, however although we cannot hold back the tide of time, we can stem it somewhat by keeping being fit and healthy and taking care of ourselves.

Being fit and healthy as we age definitely helps us stay active, however many of us tend not to notice how unfit we have become until it seems like it's too late. In fact it's never too late to become fit and active again and one great way of building our fitness up is by partaking in low impact, user controlled activities like stretching.

Stretching offers us a myriad of benefits not the least of which is flexibility. Being able to bend over to pick up something you have dropped or reaching the shelves in the cupboards, all the little things we take for granted when we are younger. Additionally stretching helps muscle tone and range of motion, both important to being able to carry out day to day activities.

So if you are a bit out of shape, and a little older than you would like to admit, the best way to start stretching is by using some kind of stretching equipment. The benefits of using stretching equipment is two-fold, firstly as a motivator - it will come with instructions and flexibility exercises, and secondly it allows you to control the stretches yourself, push yourself a little and you don't need assistance from someone else.

Now if the word 'equipment' sounds like some bulky machine you would find in a gym, never fear, you'll find that some of the flexibility aids are similar to an elastic band - they are designed to be light, easy to carry around and even easier to use. This means if you don't have adequate space inside your home, or it's simply a beautiful day and you want it get out and enjoy it then you can pop the stretching device into your bag and head to the nearest park.

Flexibility equipment like this allows you to stretch at your own pace, and as you feel your muscles toning and strengthening, your range of motion increasing, and improved circulation you'll be able to push yourself to stretch a little farther, all the while maintaining control the entire time. Don't let old age slow you down, start stretching today and regain some of your youth.

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